Rotary Dryers

 What Makes Cook Manufacturing Group
The Smart Choice in Rotary Dryers

Another industry standard piece of equipment, the Cook Rotary Dryer is used in the citrus, poultry, fish and other processing industries to efficiently dry product while protecting it from burning or charring.  Coupled with a Waste Heat Evaporator, the system becomes the heart of a drying and concentrating process for the product stream.

The unique design of the furnace section protects the product from charring or burning.  The burner is designed and can be tuned for optimum efficiency while delivering sufficient heat to dry the product.  The rotating drum facilitates complete contact between the heated air stream and the product for uniform drying to a controlled moisture content.  Material is conveyed through the drum mechanically as well as by the force of the air stream moving through it.  Multiple fans create suction to draw the product through.  Additionally, the fans supply the force needed to remove dust and other fine particles from the stream.  This eliminates a potential pollution issue and this material may be reintroduced to the product stream turning it in to saleable product.

A Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE) can be added to make use of the residual heat and moisture from the dryer.  Similar in operation to a TASTE evaporator, a WHE can turn a low concentration waste stream in to a concentrated and potentially marketable product. 


This product may be marketable producing another revenue stream for your operation.  If it is simply for disposal, the fact that it is concentrated means a much lower volume has to be handled.  The condensate produced by the WHE is typically quite clean and requires no further treatment prior to discharge.



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