Consulting Services

Consulting Services for the fruit and juice processing, essential oil, fish meal and fish oil processing and many other industries

Cook Manufacturing Group
Consulting Services

Cook Manufacturing’s breadth and depth of expertise and experience can be put to work in any phase of your operation from conception to troubleshooting to operational optimization to expansion planning.  Should your operation need to grow, we can assist in a feasibility study and justification for any proposed investments in new or additional equipment or processes.

Here at Cook Manufacturing we are not just engineers and technically-oriented individuals, but we’re business professionals too.  We understand that investment requires careful consideration after the economic analysis has been completed.  CMG can work with your organization throughout this entire process and bring added value to the discussion.

Many times, during the consideration of expansion or diversification options, proprietary information must be shared to make wise decisions.  Cook Manufacturing will readily sign your company’s confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.  You can be assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion.  Conversely, we may share proprietary information and will ask for this same consideration.

We Offer

Cook Manufacturing also offers training sessions to improve the knowledge of your operators, supervisors, maintenance personnel, and managers.  Starting with the basic science of how our evaporators and or dryers work, they progress to operation, then troubleshooting and maintenance.  These sessions can be tailored to the target audience and your objectives for them.  Contact us to discuss your needs, timing, and budget.


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