Control Systems

Cook Manufacturing provides control packages for all the equipment we produce.  Packages are designed and specified for the customer’s needs and budget.  Panels are fabricated in-house and fully tested prior to installation.  Control systems come with a complete documentation package for operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and include wiring diagrams.

Standard T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator Control Package

Customer-specified brands of controller and hardware. Popular brands include Compactlogix, Allen Bradley Micro800 Series, Allen Bradley Panelviews, and Unitronics PLC HMI combos. 

• Juice flow rate or line pressure set point control, controlled by pump speed or feed valve

• Temperature set point control with modulating steam valve

• Flash Cooler level control maintained by frequency drive on product pump.

• Stainless steel cabinet, with wiring and terminal blocks color-coded by voltage for ease of troubleshooting and voltage


 • Interlocks with alarms for process and product safety:

      - High product temperature

      - Low pasteurizer temperature

      - Low steam pressure

      - Stage pump seal water interlock

      - Motor faults

• Automatic start-up and shut-down sequences, one button start and shut down.

• Data collection on an SD card as Microsoft Excel file.

• Trend data displayed


• Fully customized control packages available.  Contact us to discuss the detailed scope and pricing.
• Coriolis flowmeters can be provided to measure input and output weight and °Brix. Popular brands includes Emerson Micromotion or Siemens Coriolis.
• Full integration with plant’s existing network.
• Remote monitoring of process via desktop or mobile device.


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