Distillation Columns

Distillation columns are a recent addition to the portfolio of Cook Manufacturing’s product line.  Custom-designed units can be used to augment your processing operation in a variety of applications.

Essential oils from fruit have become a high-value product in recent years.  Citrus fruit has been especially hard hit around the globe limiting the supply.  With smaller crops the availability of these oils has been dramatically reduced.  Capturing the maximum amount of oil becomes the first challenge and Cook Manufacturing is on the leading edge with optional vent oil collection capability of our T.A.S.T.E. and WHE evaporators, our Essence Recovery units, Juice Deoiler/Pasteurizer and now our patent-pending C-PODS: Cook Peel Oil Distillation System. Once the raw oil has been collected, it can be further processed to collect even higher-value components from collected essence.  This is typically done through distillation in a packed batch column.  

Need a specific application or product engineered?

Such columns can be engineered for your specific application or product needs. Our design group can work with your team to specify the right materials and operating parameters to collect the desired product(s) from the distillation column.  In the past CMG has fabricated distillation columns to fractionate citrus oils, produce folded citrus oils, and produce high-proof ethanol.

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Many such processes are highly proprietary.  Cook Manufacturing will gladly sign your company’s non-disclosure agreement to protect the information shared in the course of any analysis and design.

Construction of the column will be to the same exacting standards as all other equipment provided by Cook Manufacturing.  Installation is also critical and CMG’s field teams can provide a safe work environment with as little disruption as possible to your plant operation.

Controls can be tailored to the customer’s needs, as can data collection and system integration. 


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